Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Singin' the homework blues..

Oh those famous words, "I don't know".. or in my case it sounds more like "I dunnow" with a small shrug and an innocent look of "please let me play instead".  Oh yes, I am faced- with the home work blues.

As a parent to a child who was previously a virtual public student, homework was a piece of cake.  I was able to login to the school website and have direct contact with the teacher via email or phone anytime of the day or week.  I was on top of the homework situation and more times than not, there was no homework because we got it done during the day.

My child is now a bricks and mortar public school student.

My access to what she is doing every day in the classroom has slimmed.  We hear lots of people say with public bricks and mortar students that they are very aware of what their child is doing educationally- but let's face it, that statement in it's entirety may not all be true.

In the midst of confusion and shrugs of  "I dunnow" from my beautiful little second grader, I have found it easier to write notes with the teacher back and forth on homework assignments so that I better understand what is needed to be done.

Homework is much easier now that I have a better system of communication with the teacher, and I can rest a bit easier at night knowing what's going on.

Oh how I will not miss the days of the contagious I dunnow's and enjoy the days of better communication and honor roll grades!

 But for one last sake, grab a mic or a cup of hot cocoa and sing the homework blues with me and this wonderful young lady (whom I don't know) in this awesome Youtube video- named, Mackenzie.

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