Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thunderstorms and teary eyes

So this morning at 4am we heard loud crashes of thunder that sounded like we were right in the clouds with the storm.  Having just moved to a new house, this was our first night with a storm.  My four year old son wakes up and flashes his bedroom light on like it's Christmas morning.

After some pursuasion and comforting kisses, he decides it's okay to return to sleep safely.

Six o'clock I hear my alarm.. at six thirty I hear my potty training son announcing "I have to peeeee!" and so I realize, where did six o'clock go and when did I hit the snooze?  We get up with still lots of time to spare and do our normal routine.

The kiddos are talking between eachother and so we decide that we would take our little second grader into the school ourself for some extra family time instead of ride the school bus today. Yay for family time!

We pull up in front of the school and before she gets out of the car, I see my little girl reach over and hug my son. This is quite different, because normally when I drop her off or pick her up she doesn't pay his emotions much attention.

I see my little guy sad and begin to cry saying "I miss you when you're at your school" and in return her say to him "It's okay I always come back in the afternoon".  I watched with a smile as she hugged him tight and grabbed her bookbag to go.

I watched her as she went in the school and saw that right before she went in, she wiped a tear from her cheek as she turned to look at the car one last time. My heart broke a little, but I was happy to see the love between my little roos.

Of course now they are both fine and working their way through their busy days.  But that is a little memory I will always have. That love that I will remember between the two the next time they are arguing or taking eachothers toys. It's moments like this that make me more proud than ever.

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