Monday, March 5, 2012

Tornados and other- yucky stuff.

Since my last my post, the Midwestern United States (where I reside) was hit with a line of tornadoes. My little roos and I were blessed enough that the tornado just missed us and stayed south. However our neighboring cities and states were hit and tragedy struck when even a few of the towns were completely "gone".

I did my best to report it throughout social networks, in hopes that I would inspire others to help volunteer in any way they could- as that could have been us as well.  Unfortunately many passed in the dangerous weather and it gave me a new appreciation for my time with my little kiddos. Life is far too precious to take a second for granted (do much needed naps count with this? ;).

In the meantime, we've been working hard on our daily lives.  Which yes, include the occasional "don't say those yucky words or you're going to time out" phrases.  My three year old son is currently working on breaking the habit of talking about bodily functions and thinking it's hilarious.  My six year old doesn't help much by spelling the words to him to get him to say them.  (I must say though, she is one smart cookie!)

As for me, I am surviving the terrific three's for yet another round and doing well with my writing. I am finishing up the editing for Violet; Irresistible and  am working on publishing three children's books. Overall, I will just be happy if by the end of the week, I won't hear "p-o-o-p" come out of either of the little children's mouth's. Heh, wishful thinking never hurt anyone. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tornado drills, lazy bums and poopy butts- Oh my!

I am now back from my four day trip to Kalamazoo.  It was a wonderful time as there is so much to see and do there.  I felt a bit guilty for flying, because I see how much my little ones want to fly as well.  They will love it as much as I do.  So I plan on taking them on my next trip.

Now that I am back, it is back to normal- life as we know it.  Except I am noticing, just how cluttered everything really is.  We are fully unpacked and swimming in books and paperwork throughout the entire house!  I plan on doing some major spring cleaning this weekend with my little skiddoos.  I just need to get their cute lazy lil bums motivated to do so.  The weather has been a roller coaster ride! And in turn, none of us have the motivation to do much of anything.

Speaking of, it seems we didn't have much of a winter this year.  In retrospect, the weather has been down right crazy.  Instead of snow, we've had thunderstorms and tornado's.  It's as if we've been living the spring season repeatedly in stead of building snowmen and sledding.

With the recent tornado in Illinois (bless their hearts), we decided to do some tornado drills a bit earlier this year.. just in case.  So we got our basement prepared and began doing some drills.  I even put a portable potty down there for my little one, as he is still potty training. I have every faith that someday, his fear of the toilet will be a funny story. (fingers crossed ;) )