Monday, November 19, 2012

Everyone needs a sick day

Hot, cold, hot, freezing, winter coat, windows open, scrape the car windows, t-shirts and winter boots.. welcome to the Midwestern United States at winter.  This weather is not playing well with my seven year old's asthma, that is one thing I know for sure.

My poor little second grader is suffering from coughing and mild wheezing with this roller coaster ride mother nature is giving us.  Or at least, she was last night into the morning.

Now, I am not the mom that gives in easily allowing a child to stay home from school at the first sign of a cough.  However, I'm not so hardcore that I'm going to send her to school to spread germs to unsuspecting children and faculty.

Last night my little one was up and not feeling well. It made for a very rough night and morning.  So, I talked with the school and we decided it was best that she stay home for today.  I told her if she were feeling better, that I would take her in for at least half of a day. (Education is important!)

After a few hours, she started feeling better.  Playing with her little brother, I said "I think I'm going to go ahead and take you in".  She looked at me with a frown and said "Oh no I'm still not feeling too well.."  Without her knowing that I'd already talked with the school and it was "okay" she stay home anyway, I agreed to have her remain on the couch with her blanket to get rest.  Thinking this was something pretty cool, being at home, she smiled and whispered "yay" as she laid back to down to rest. (Little stinker..)

Not much longer, the questions started..

"Will you play with me? What color is this? Can I sit down with you? Let's play playdough! Will you open this for me? Catch this toy?! Want a coloring book? Are you listening to me?" said her four year old brother in one breath to the now irritated child who was rethinking her level of coolness for being home ill.

Guess who's ready to finish her other half of the day at school? ;)

Yes, she is still on the couch and will be making up her work tomorrow.

As for me, I'm just glad she's feeling better and even more so thankful that I have wonderful doctor's and school faculty that help me during the hard times when she's not. I am very much looking forward to warmer weather and with good reason.

In the meantime, we will enjoy our sick days with "Penguino" (our wonderful penguin shaped 'make us all better' breathing machine) and honey toast. Because hey, everyone needs a sick day.

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