Thursday, February 16, 2012

Potty training, and other fun stuff.

Really, I'm not a slacker. What a way to start a blog post, right? ;) Life is very tricky sometimes. In between the last post to this one that I'm currently typing, life changed dramatically for the kids and I. We moved to a new location and I became a single mom. But before you reply with "awe's" and "sorry", believe what I say when I tell you that we are as strong as we were a year ago.

As a matter of fact, we are as a normal as your neighbor next door. Well, maybe not the creepy one, but the one that is potty training a child and puppy while running to the grocery store and cleaning the car for the next soccer trip. Yup, that's us.

My little girl is now six going on sixteen (God help me) and has been blessed by the touch of Bieber fever that has struck so many young ladies these days (Yes spell check, Bieber is actually a word.. and a fond word of many girls including my own now).  She is doing well in school, one of the top in her class and overall we- the parents and Connections Academy staff- are very proud of all of the students in her class. We took our first field trip with them last fall (yes since I've last wrote this blog), and had a great time! Connections Academy is a very cool public school system, kudos to them!

As far as my little man, he is now three.. a very rambunctious three.  I've always heard though, that potty training a boy is much easier than a girl. If I could get my son out of the fear of pooping in the toilet ("It's okay honey, the potty is supposed to do that..." ) then I would gladly believe that statement to be true. :)

And now, we have added onto our little family with another little guy named Brutus. Brutus is our 9week old German Shepard. Yes, I am "potty" training him as well. He is exactly what we needed to keep the insanity going. Speaking of, time to mop again..

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