Monday, July 23, 2012

Kids say the darndest things ;)

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Kids say the darndest things
Have a smile today, then show it to others. Enjoy!
Random things I've heard my little girl saying with her brother and friends:
My lil B's friend "Why does your mommy call me sweetpea?"
B "I don't know, but she calls me that, too. When she says it to me, I just smile at her. (shrug)"
(My mom told her I was a cheerleader when I was younger)
B "Oh, you were a cheerleader mommy? Ha- prove it, go over there and do a split"
(While flying kites, I mention there isn't enough wind for the kites but that the airplanes were flying)
B "Well the planes don't need air to fly"
Me "Yes they do.. well if they don't use air to fly, what do you suppose they use?"
B "Their engines."
(Standing in line to cash out in a store)
B "Mommy that man didn't eat his broccoli" (points to the man who just walked out of the store)
Me "How do you know he didn't?"
B "Because he was short"
(My son to my daughter)
Tj "Bryanna, shoot that target"
(B shoots the playgun, misses the target)
Tj "Bryanna, you're fired!"
(Me- o.O)
(While filling out a form, B was reading over my shoulder and saw that I marked "White" for her race)
B "I'm not white"
Me "Huh, what?"
B "You marked white, I'm not white"
Me "What are you talking about? Oh, here? Well if you're not white, what are you?"
B "Tan."

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