Friday, August 19, 2011

No, you can't play today.

My kiddo was looking for a playdate today and since school hasn't started yet, I said sure!  The little girl across the street from us is new, an so we decided to see if she would be able to play.  Looks good and almost a little normal and borring so far, right?  Well, keep reading!
So we decided to ask for a playdate, and I was told this by the guardian "My child can't play with your child, because she's antisocial".  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Now, this wasn't just some lame excuse because they don't like us, this was actually, how this woman felt about the child.

I am no proclaimed psychologist, but having did my homework on the socialism of a child (I am faced with this issue everyday because people think I 'homeschool' my child), I know that the best thing for a young child, is to be interactive with others. Hence the reason, my child goes to a virtual public school, verses being homeschooled traditionally by myself.  So we were left today with the answer of "no", and wondering, how we could help this family into realizing, that if a child is being antisocial, to either get them involved with other kids or seek a physician.

We shall see as time goes on!  If I find out anything new, I will post.  In the meantime, help spread awareness about the importance of socialism in a child, and then go outside and eat some cookies in the sunshine.  We will!  Have a great day!

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